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Court grants injunction for patients growing medical marijuana

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Welcome- this site all started because my wife has M.S and the problems that we have had to go through to obtain her medical marijuana licence--rest assured - we are here to advise you every step of the way - from obtaining your license to finding a grower---we are here to make it happen for you as well--there is no charge for our services--where here to help

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So you've filled out the forms and have been accepted to obtain medical marijuana... Now you just need to find a certified grower.

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Our goal is to help you through the process of obtaining medical marijuana so you can feel better throughout life’s most trying times and begin your journey to recovery.

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Find out who is eligible to receive legal medical marijuana and see if your circumstances fit those criteria.
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Find out more about the facts and figures of marijuana's effects, uses, and what it can do for you if you are ailing.
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