Step by Step Process to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card - Made Easy to Read

Here’s the step by step process to:

  • Obtain your medical marihuana access card
  • Posses, purchase and use marijuana legally
  • Assigning your own personal designated grower
  • Having the marijuana shipped to your doorstep
  • Help find the right strain for you.

How do we go about this process?

The journey begins by obtaining two passport photos, a trip to the doctors’ office then fill in your Health Canada Forms which can be downloaded below.

You can call, email us or live chat and we will be here to help you through this basic application.

We want to make this process as simple as possible and will do everything we can to help you get it done.

Like to get started right now?


First Step

Get the 2 required passport photos taken, These will be needed for FORM A1. Your Doctor will need to sign the back of one photo to verify it is the true likeness of you.

Where do I get passport photos taken?
They can be taken at Walmart, Superstore, London Drugs, Photo stores etc.

How long does this take?
They can usually take your pictures and have them printed out right then and there.

How much does this cost?

Between $10- $20. We will reimburse you for passport photo costs, if you send in the receipt when you send your filled out application to us.

If you need us to help you find a passport photo location near you, or have any other questions, please contact us.


Second Step

The Doctor:

You will need to make a Doctors appointment to have your Health Canada Form B completed and signed.

Print them out or have us send the forms express to you. We can also fax the health Canada forms directly to your doctor.
Click below to download each specific Form.

Form B1 and B2 should both be taken to the doctors office as the decision on which form to use is up to your medical professional.

Form B1

Form B2

Medical Practitioners Release Form (releases doctor of liability)

This form was designed by The Canadian Medical Protective Association to release your doctor from any liabilities for issuing you the marijuana prescription once it is completed properly.

This is not a Health Canada form and The Canadian Medical Protective Association is a third party organization, but it is nice to have a form to show your doctor that you are releasing them from any and all responsibilities.

This doctors release form can be printed and filled out by you prior to your appointment with your doctor.

Visit your Doctor.

Most people don’t know how to approach their Doctor but we can help you with that.

you can start by:

  • Discussing Health Canada’s program
  • Let them know how Marijuana benefits you
  • You have tried or at least considered other conventional methods

It might be required that your doctor refers you to a specialist depending on your condition.

Have your Doctor or Specialist fill out the forms B1 or B2 depending on your symptom and sign the back of one passport Photo.


Third Step

Fill out Form A and E2

Form A (License to Posses Marijuana)

Form A is the first form you will fill out to apply for a license to possess marihuana for your medical purposes. It provides all the necessary background information that Health Canada needs to assess your application. You will include the two current photos, of which one must be signed by your doctor in this application.

Form E2 (Application to Purchase Seeds)

This form MUST also be filled out , even if you do not wish to purchase seeds. At this point you can make a decision about growing for yourself, or having BC MEDICAL MARIJUANA find the perfect partner for you.


Fourth Step

At this point you will need to contact us to discuss types of growers and strains. Once your designated grower is chosen, we will have the growers photos and FORM D sent for you to complete and send back to us or directly to health Canada.

Form D (Application to have a designated grower)

Form D is an application for a license to have a designated person whom we will provide for you to produce your prescribed medical marijuana. You and your designated person must both fill out sections of this form.

The grower must fill their section in Form D and send it to you (applicant). You must sign a photo of the grower. Complete the form with your information and then send us the completed paperwork.


Fifth Step

Mail the Forms

Send us the completed paperwork. Double check your forms for errors and mail them to us we will fill out the rest

. We suggest that you send the package Xpresspost (1-2 business days) we will also reimburse you

Please include the receipt for your passport photos and shipping costs.

To get assistance at any stage of this process please contact us!
We are here to help, and look forward to hearing from you.

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